Species Restoration Project Underway at Former Charlotte Mason College


Though we should be careful about speculating what Charlotte Mason would or would not have supported, one can guess she certainly would have been interested in this project to restore species her native Cumbria. The University of Cumbria, within which Charlotte’s Ambleside College was subsumed recently,  has announced it will use funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund for the effort, called “Back On Our Map.”

“Back On Our Map is a brand new project working to restore species to the distinctive lowland fells and coast of south Cumbria,” reports the project’s website. “The University of Cumbria, working with local communities and project partners, the Forestry Commission, Natural England and Cumbria Wildlife Trust will be aiming to restore up to twelve species of plants, animals, birds and invertebrates which are missing from sites in the region.”

Another significant purpose of the project is to help connect local people to the land, a value close to the heart of Charlotte Mason and reflected heavily in her philosophy and methods.

Leaders plan to further monetize through grants and local fundraising efforts. For more details about Back On Our Map, visit the University of Cumbria’s web page about the project.


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2 responses to “Species Restoration Project Underway at Former Charlotte Mason College”

  1. Dear Everything Charlotte Mason,

    I love your website. I am Head of School of Ambleside in McLean, VA. First question, would you be able to change our link from Herndon, VA to McLean, VA on your website listing of schools. Secondly, do you know of good resources for me to find Charlotte Mason teachers?

    Thank you for your labor of love for the sake of the children,

    Ginnie Wilcox (703-677-7888)


    • Thank you for the correction, and your kind comments, Ginnie. Your question about finding teachers has prompted me to add a page for employment opportunities; hopefully that will help make some great matches!


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