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Want to learn more about Charlotte Mason by visiting the important places of her life, or investigate further the persons, history and geography of her era? Below we share information on traveling to England, the former Ambleside College, and the Lake Region of England, as well as various other locales resources related to the time period in which she lived.  Please feel free to send us additional tips and recommendations, and leave your constructive comments below!



These tours are not specifically oriented to Charlotte Mason, but do give you time to soak up the beauty of the Lake Country she lived in.  When inquiring with tour companies, ask about opportunities to stop in Ambleside and visit the University of Cumbria where the former Ambleside College was located.


Rabbies – This tour company offers a number of tours in small coaches, ranging from 3 to 9 days, exploring various aspects and areas of the Lake Country, beginning in London, Ediburgh or Manchester. Costs vary.



Why is Ambleside Special? – The Lake District National Park service explains why Ambleside is important in the history, and conservation, of the United Kingdom.

Good-bye to Lady of the Lakes – Article from 2010 explains the unfortunate closure of Charlotte Mason’s teacher college in Ambleside, UK.

Potted Guide to Ambleside – Brief history of the Ambleside region as well as a short list of activities throughout the year, from the website of The Forest Side Hotel in Cumbria.

Charlotte Mason at the Armitt Museum — Biography of Charlotte Mason on the website of the Armitt Museum Gallery Library, in Ambleside, where the UK center of Charlotte Mason archives is being established.


Charlotte Mason Ambleside Retreat –  May of 2018. Hosted by Charlotte Mason Institute.



Charlotte Mason Comes to America – Karen Andreola writes the story of how Charlotte Mason’s Original Homeschooling Series — most copies of which had been thrown in dumpsters due to lack of interest — came to the United States, and ignited a new revolution in education.

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