About Everything Charlotte Mason

Gretchen cleaning the chicken coop on her acreage.


The mission of Everything Charlotte Mason is to expand the life-affirming, uniquely human, and academically excellent methods and philosophies of British educator Charlotte Mason by positively promoting the large array of quality online and offline CM resources for parents and educators around the world. Our goal is to complement and link to these excellent websites, schools, experts, events, libraries, groups and organizations as a partner with other Charlotte Mason enthusiasts.

¬†Gretchen Olson is the publisher of Everything Charlotte Mason. Gretchen believes that Charlotte Mason’s methods and philosophies are perfectly and providentially poised to address the loss of personhood that is developing in our 21st century, digital world.

Gretchen has been an avid reader for more than 50 years, and a member of curriculum advisory committees in her children’s private school. She has also homeschooled her children for a time and served as a school and public librarian. In addition, she has worked as as professional writer, publishing articles in national magazines in the United States. She holds a degree in English literature and composition.

She appreciates your constructive corrections, suggestions and additions.