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Would you like to teach in a Charlotte Mason school, or work with others promoting the philosophies and methods of Charlotte Mason? On this page you will find job postings by schools and organizations looking to hire.

Interested applicants should carefully follow the directions given by the listing organizations, as posted below. Please note, Everything Charlotte Mason is not responsible for communication between potential employees and employers.

If you are a school or Charlotte Mason-related organization or business that would like to post a job opening, please contact us via the About Everything Charlotte Mason page, and follow the instructions accordingly.


(Full-time 2021-2022 school year)

Parkview Christian School -Lilburn, GA

Job Description: The main responsibility of the principal position is to lead and manage all personnel, assuring that the atmosphere, relationships, and daily operations are fulfilling the mission and vision of Parkview Christian School. In addition, the principal works in tandem with the school board to preserve and improve
covenant school commitments of the school teachers and parents, seeking the guidance and wisdom of
the Holy Spirit.

Key Responsibilities:
-Overseeing all operations of the school, leading and delegating to ensure the school runs smoothly
as a covenant community of students, staff, and parents.
-Placing prayer, humility, and serving others as primary pursuits in all activities.
-Ensuring all safety training and protocols are in place for the safe operation of the school
-Setting and managing the school budget appropriately
-Evaluating school personnel needs for appropriate assignments and staffing
-Cultivating a school culture that listens well and prioritizes relationships
-Using creative practices to increase school enrollment
-Solving problems, implementing solutions, and enforcing policies fairly and consistently
-Casting vision, developing plans, innovating, delegating, and leading to bring about necessary
change and growth
-Confidently applying Charlotte Mason training and practice to the school curriculum
-Preserving Parkview traditions in curriculum, activities, and habits that enhance learning at all levels
while developing a strategically sound and cogent vision for the future
-Partnering with School Board to set and meet short and long-term goals
-Working closely with the Pastor of Parkview Church to strengthen the relationship and alignment of
vision and ministry priorities

Key Capabilities:
 Ability to lead independently as needed with strong initiative and wise judgment
 Ability to communicate articulately and effectively (oral and written)
 Ability to make informed and effective decisions, showing both resolve and humility as needed
 Ability to address conflict where needed with hope of reconciliation when possible
 Ability to delegate, follow-up, and ensure tasks and projects are completed timely and appropriately
 Ability to build a team that will embrace the PCS vision and trust your leadership
 Ability to maintain the trust, confidence, and respect of the school community

Reports to: Parkview Church Pastor
Current Staff Count: 20
Student Enrollment: 70 (approximate)

If interested or know of anyone that would be a good fit, please send an e-mail and resume to


Elementary School Teacher
(Full-time 2021-2022 school year)

Laurel Community School -St. Paul, MN.

Has God given you a gift for teaching? Do you love children and have a desire to draw out the best in them? Do you want to teach them to think for themselves? Would you like to work for an organization that shares your worldview and values?
If your answer to these questions is yes, we’d love to explore how you can become part of our community.

What is Laurel Community School (LCS)?
LCS is a unique learning environment serving families in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN. We are an intentionally small Christian school using a curriculum and instructional methods inspired mainly by the educational philosophy of Charlotte Mason. We use the micro-school model, a revival of the one-room schoolhouse, in which students learn together in a mixed-age classroom.

In our inaugural year, LCS anticipates serving students from K-6th grade. We intend to add a grade each year up to 8th grade.

Supported by an aide, the successful candidate’s responsibilities include but are not limited to:
• Teaching the Bible and core academic subjects, including reading, writing, literature, math, science, geography, and history. Guiding students in enrichment activities. Please note, the curriculum requires minimal prep.
• Reviewing student narrations and performing other student assessments.
• Communicating with parents.
• Gathering materials for lessons.
• Consulting and collaborating with the instructional aide and school staff.
• Sustaining a safe and orderly learning environment.

We are looking for someone bright and energetic, who believes all children are capable of the same high level of achievement, and is excited by the prospect of teaching in a multi-age setting. The successful candidate must embrace our culture and be eager to use the curriculum and instructional methods adopted by the school. The candidate must be a professing Christian who is active in a faith community and agrees with the school’s Statement of Belief.

We require:
• A bachelor’s degree.
• Experience teaching in either a classroom or homeschool.
• Solid written and verbal communication skills.
• Basic computer skills (ability to use Word, E-mail application, etc.)
Additional Qualifications:
• Flexibility and a positive attitude.
• Self-starter.
• Ability to multi-task.
• Strong organizational skills.
• Willingness to work in a novel educational environment.

To apply for the Teacher position, please send your resume/curriculum vitae along with a cover letter to

Laurel Community School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, or national or ethnic origin.

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