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Would you like to teach in a Charlotte Mason school, or work with others promoting the philosophies and methods of Charlotte Mason? On this page you will find job postings by schools and organizations looking to hire.

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Christian Elementary School Teacher
2023-2024 School Year
Ambleside Colorado, Centennial, Colorado

We are currently hiring a Full Time Elementary Classroom Teacher for the 2023 – 2024 school year. This person will teach an elementary grade in the coming academic year.

Key Responsibilities include:
-a commitment to helping families flourish
-a passion for helping children grow academically, spiritually, and in character
-collaborate to foster a community with excellent academics, healthy God-honoring relationships, and an atmosphere of joy, peace, and respect, and, ultimately, a workplace full of purpose, hard work, and enjoyment
-maintain an active, personal faith in Jesus Christ
-desire to live out their faith and disciple students to do so as well
-love reading great books
-enjoy nature, art, music, and many other subjects
-delight in introducing the good, true, and beautiful
-humbly receive feedback and are a lifelong learner
-develop and maintain genuine, positive, and consistent communication with parents
A Bachelor’s Degree

Experience teaching in an elementary classroom context or an education degree
A major in an academic subject from a liberal arts or sciences program
Experience disciplining others in an academic or ministry setting

We Offer:
-Weekly staff information and training lunches and training on Friday afternoons
-Employee health insurance benefits
-Summers off and 4 weeks off during the school year: Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break
-School-funded training and travel to grow as a teacher your first year
-Enjoying a Christ-centered family community of families where you are known, seen, and valued
-Weekly teacher coaching, encouragement, and instruction from principles
-Annual goal-setting and career coaching

Ambleside teachers share a Living Education, Centered on Christ with our students. They embody our commitment: Everything with excellence. Always with humility. Centered on Christ.

Salary range: Ambleside provides a generous benefits package with a salary range of $35,000 – 50,000, depending on experience and mastery of our philosophy.

TO APPLY: Please submit a cover letter and relevant resume to


Head of School at Perimeter School
Appointment Year: 2023-2024
Location: Johns Creek, GA

Perimeter School is a kindergarten through eighth grade covenant Christian educational community in north Atlanta that has been partnering with churched families for more than 30 years. Perimeter School is the result of Perimeter Church blending covenant community with excellent education. Perimeter School prepares and propels students to be lifelong learners who impact the kingdom of God in the spheres of business, education, religion, arts/entertainment, family, technology/science, and government.

Perimeter School is the result of Perimeter Church recognizing the need to raise children positioned for success in life. This goal not only demands exceptional academic teachings but also a life-changing Christian experience. Perimeter School calls families into a covenant community where it places an unprecedented emphasis on family involvement.

The school is a collection of teachers, staff, children, families, and parents. Parents are the primary educators of their children, and thus, serve as the main three walls of their children’s well-being. Perimeter School adds the fourth wall of educational and spiritual support to families.

Interested candidates should begin the process through the link provided in the job posting.
Priority will be given to materials submitted prior to February 15th, 2023, however, candidates will be reviewed until the position is filled.
Think you’re a great fit for this role? Become a candidate below.

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